FCM, LLC launched in 2014 as a privately held full-service consulting firm. We help the world’s top private equity investors and portfolio companies redefine their businesses to unlock value and accelerate growth, specializing in corporate mergers, acquisitions and performance improvement.

Typical consultants work at an arm’s length from their clients, handing down suggestions that they’ve never implemented themselves, and exiting the scene before those strategies are enacted. We built a different kind of consulting service: one that leveraged our team’s decades of experience growing global businesses to offer hands-on guidance for private-equity-backed companies. No slides without follow-through. No strategy without execution. No recommendations without results.

Instead, we provide Full Contact Management™ (it’s right in our name: FCM). Working side-by-side with portfolio company leaders, we deliver a unique combination of strategic and tactical support that empowers their organizational independence and operational performance.

Because we’ve been there, faced that and triumphed many times over, we know what executing a successful integration or performance initiative requires. It’s both an art and a science. Our talented COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CHROs, CPOs and operational leaders understand the challenges associated with complex transformations, and have a proven track record of overcoming them (that’s the art). Plus, we’ve honed an exclusive set of techniques for orchestrating seamless transitions and improving performance (that’s the science).

When we embed this experience in our clients’ strategies, the results are unmatched. FCM’s work with private equity portfolio companies consistently outperforms the traditional consulting model in creating sustainable, profitable growth. And being part of their success stories never gets old.