Untapped value is hiding in most business processes, waiting to be set free. Unleashing that hidden potential is FCM’s specialty—and it’s the key to creating a modern, nimble company. We’ll partner with your leadership team to transform the economics and structure of your business, creating operational excellence that boosts EBITDA.

Our proven playbook will identify specific actions to improve your organizational agility, provide line-of-sight accountability and lower long-term operating costs, creating the fuel for profitable growth. Beyond analytical insights, we’ll provide concrete work plans and on-the-ground leadership that bring this playbook to life in transformative business results. And because embracing change isn’t a simple one-day event, we’ll empower you with new cultural tools, better ways of working and a language to inspire continued efficiency from within.

Productivity Snapshot®
Organizational Design & Scale
Technology Restructuring
Global Talent Strategy
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation

Financial Planning & Analysis
Business Process Improvement (BPI)
Procurement & Sourcing Optimization
Real Estate Rationalization
Interim Executive Leadership

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